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Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor public area landmarks and structures to achieve environmental, social ecological, geological, condition and process in the landscape, and the design intervention that will produce the desired outcome.

  • The planning, form, scale and siting of new developments
  • Civil design and public infrastructure
  • Sustainable development
  • Storm water management including rain gardens, green roofs, groundwater recharge, Green infrastructure, and treatment wetlands
  • Landscape design for educational function and site design for public institutions and government facilities
  • Parks, botanical gardens, arboretums, greenways, and nature preserves
  • Recreation facilities; i.e.: playgrounds, golf courses, theme parks and sports facilities
  • Housing areas, industrial parks and commercial developments
  • Estate and residence landscape master planning and design
  • Highways, transportation structures, bridges, and transit corridors
  • Urban design, town and city squares, waterfronts, pedestrian schemes, and parking lots
  • Large to small urban renewal planning and design
  • Natural park, tourist destination, and recreating historical landscapes, and historic garden appraisal and conservation studies
  • Reservoirs, dams, power stations, reclamation of extractive industry applications or major industrial projects and mitigation
  • Environmental assessment and landscape assessment, planning advice and land management proposals.
  • Coastal and offshore developments and mitigation
  • Ecological Design any aspect of design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with natural processes and sustainability


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